Green tea protects heart – Green Tea Uses & Benefits for Heart Diseases

Green Tea Uses & Benefits for Heart Diseases:

The benefits of green tea benefits are you studying on newfashionelle and now the latest news is that a mixture in green tea has been discovered that can be helpful in keeping the narrations and hardness of blood veins and stomach.Green Tea Uses & Benefits for Heart Diseases

How Green tea protects the heart?

We know that during the time the fat begins to accumulate fat and it increases in the form of a hard plank. This affects the heart’s oxygen-rich blood supply, which increases the risk of heart attack and fluid.

This process takes years but when the risk of closed cells comes, many serious consequences are recovered. However, with blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, and diabetes, these heart veins also become irritable and narrow. Regardless of use of green tea, in this case, can largely overcome this condition.

Recently, the University of Leeds and the University of Lancaster experts have found complex chemicals in green tea that is said after the joint research that epiglottitis gylukytycn Three Galatie-GC G is found in dry leaves as green tea who say.

Scientists have proven in the laboratory, this compound affects a special protein called aypulaypu protein in one or the POA one is. It works like the same amplified pod which is found in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients. That is why it is also useful for EGCG Alzheimer’s and thus has another advantage of green tea.

Experts insist that EGCG sticks to the protein APOA, which tightens the scales and causes it to be healthy, and blood flow continues to be routine.


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