Feet Mehndi Designs For Pakistani Bridal

special feet mehndi designs

Bridal Mehndi Art for feet must be drawn only after a few days of practice. Beautiful Mehndi Designs for feet involves painting intricate designs with mehndi paste or drawing big floral chains as in Arabic mehndi. Like Mehndi Designs for Bride is quite different for the Mehndi Designs on Eid for every girl.

The geometric shapes are very common in North America, however, in India, intricate and lacy designs are preferred. Beginners must try with simple designs in the beginning and try to draw Beautiful Mehndi Designs all over the feet for practice.

Pakistani Henna designs are more complicated thus attracting various loyalists. This is because; it is very difficult to draw henna designs on feet and needs a lot of practice…

Feet Mehndi Designs For Pakistani Bridal

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