Latest Footwear Dubai Collection By Nadia Kassam

nadia kassam footwear latest dubai collection For Women

Recently Nadia Kassam has organized a footwear exhibition in Dubai and is respected by all the people who have aloof to their latest shoe collection. Nadia Kassam has been launched with a view of catering to the needs of all the people who are style and comfort-conscious. The product quality is the biggest strength behind the brand.

Every collection of  Nadia kassam must be comfortable and affordable at prices. Nadia Kassam offers high-quality footwear for men and women both in a wide range of trendy, stylish and stunning shoes and sandals. Nadia Kassam Footwear Collection is stylish and very comfortable to feet. Nadia Kassam provides all accessories of life with handmade material.

They are specialists to make handcrafted leather sandals, evening clutches & small leather goods for women. Sandals are handmade using a fine selection of leather, sparkling crystals & workmanship in a small factory in Pakistan.

Materials include soft, fine-grain & foreign leather, handmade jewelry brooches, intricately designed hardware & comfortable satins & silks. Let’s have a look at Footwear Dubai Collection for girls and women. See Latest Footwear Dubai Collection By Nadia Kassam photos gallery.

Dubai Footwear design By Nadia Kassam


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