Beautiful dresses Collection for Women by Obaid Sheikh Designs

obaid sheikh designer Dresses 2012

Obaid Sheikh is a modern and innovative designer, passionate about his work and on a mission to make every woman feel her most beautiful. From simple and graceful to heavy, embellished and elegant, Obaid Sheikh caters to all tastes and budgets.

Pakistani fashion designer Obaid Sheikh has created luxurious and high Beautiful Collection for Women by Obaid Sheikh Designs. His aim is to make high fashion affordable, using only the finest and purest materials with perfect finishing.

Use of gloomy purple, maroon, cyan, red and tea pink uplifts the embroidery done over shirts and also makes each outfit perfect for formal events. Obaid Sheikh recently showcased his latest collection for women, the collection is very stylish and beautiful, see  the collection bellow:

Obaid Sheikh Designs Formal Wedding Dresses beautiful catalog

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