Why Do My Bangs Curl Inwards: Expert Styling Tips

why do my curtain bangs curl inwards

We’ve all been there: you spend precious minutes styling your bangs to perfection, only to have them curl inward as if they have a mind of their own. It’s a hair conundrum that can throw off your entire look. But don’t worry, we’re here to unravel this mystery! In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this frustrating phenomenon and provide you with expert tips to keep your bangs looking sleek and straight. So, let’s dive in and bid farewell to those unruly curls!

Understanding the Culprit: Why Do My Bangs Curl Inwards?

Before we can tackle the issue, it’s crucial to understand why bangs curl inwards in the first place. Several factors contribute to this hair dilemma:

  1. Natural Hair Texture: If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, your bangs are more prone to curling inwards. The shorter length of bangs can make them more susceptible to reverting to their natural state.
  2. Humidity: Moisture in the air can cause your hair to frizz and curl. Bangs, being exposed, are particularly vulnerable to humidity.
  3. Styling Techniques: The way you blow-dry or style your bangs can influence their direction. Using the wrong technique can encourage them to curl inwards.
  4. Hair Health: Damaged or dry hair is more likely to curl or frizz. Regular heat styling without proper protection can exacerbate this issue.

How to Keep Your Bangs from Curling Inwards

1. Use the Right Styling Tools

Invest in a good quality round brush and a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment. The round brush will help you pull your bangs straight while blow-drying, and the nozzle will direct the airflow to smooth down the hair cuticles.

2. Apply Heat Protectant

Before styling, apply a heat protectant spray to your bangs. This will help shield your hair from heat damage and reduce the likelihood of curling.

3. Blow-Dry with the Right Technique

When blow-drying your bangs, point the dryer downwards and use the round brush to pull your bangs straight. This technique helps to seal the hair cuticles and prevent curling.

4. Use a Flat Iron

For stubborn bangs that refuse to stay straight, use a flat iron. Make sure it’s not too hot to avoid damage. A few quick passes should be enough to keep them in place.

5. Set with Hairspray

Once your bangs are styled to your liking, set them with a light-hold hairspray. This will help keep them in place without looking stiff.

Should I Curl My Bangs Inwards or Outwards?

While the trend is subjective, curling your bangs outward can give a softer, more voluminous look. On the other hand, curling them inwards can provide a sleek, polished appearance. Experiment with both styles to see what suits your face shape and personal style best.

How to Stop Your Bangs from Parting in the Middle

If your bangs tend to part in the middle, try blow-drying them in the opposite direction first. Then, switch to the desired side while they’re still warm. This trick can help train your bangs to stay in place.

Addressing Specific Issues

Why Do My Bangs Curl Inwards on the Sides?

If your bangs curl inwards on the sides, it could be due to the natural growth pattern of your hair. Use a flat iron to gently straighten the sides, and finish with a hairspray to keep them in place.

Why Do My Bangs Curl Outwards?

Bangs curling outwards is often a result of incorrect blow-drying techniques. Make sure to direct the airflow downwards and use a round brush to guide your bangs in the right direction.

Why Do My Curtain Bangs Curl Inwards?

Curtain bangs can curl inwards if they’re not layered properly or if they’re too long. Consider getting them trimmed and layered by a professional for easier styling.


Dealing with bangs that curl inwards can be frustrating, but with the right techniques and tools, you can achieve the sleek, straight look you desire. Remember to protect your hair from heat, use the proper styling methods, and experiment with different styles to find what works best for you. For more expert tips on hair care and styling, visit newfashionelle.com. Keep your bangs in check and let your style shine through!

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