Umar Sayeed Latest Dresses Collection 2013 by Al Karam

Umar Sayeed Collection 2013 For Women by Al Karam 004

Alkaram Studio is also one of the leading fashion brands in Pakistan offering wide variety of clothings for men and women of all ages. Alkaram studio always cares for Pakistani people especially in the seasons when everyone is searching for new dresses, Alkaram always gets people satisfied with their classic fashion work. special thanks to Pakistani fashion brands who done this marvelous work for people and get fashion and glamour spread all across the country. Now more and more people are taking interest in designer wear dresses.

The House of Umar Sayeed lawn 2013 by Alkaram has just been released online. It has 12 designs each in 2 color ways. Thus, the total number of suits in the collection is 24. Umar Sayeed lawn 2013 by Alkaram is a designer lawn collection with price details. It has embroidered suits. Each suit either has embroidered necklines or embroidered motifs provided.