Treatment of Dry Eyes via sparkles of Battery light

What are Dry Eyes:

Dry eye syndrome is usually caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and wet moisture on the shell of the eye. Ant the final results of of dry eyes range from subtle but steady eye irritation to significant inflammation and smooth scarring of the front exterior of the eye.

Inadequate people around the globe are suffering from an eye disease, which reduces the emission of the inner internal fluid and is very painful in dry eyes. This disease is called ‘Dry Eye’ or Driving Eye.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment for Dry Eye syndrome :

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment for Dry Eye Disease

Experts have worked on the treatment of lightweight light for this condition, according to them, according to the activity of electricity in the eye-moisture layer, this condition can be removed.


Gastrointestinal glands can not do their job properly, but if this condition increases, salts increase in the number of people and due to inadequate water, the hypertension may be caused by the obligation of excessive moisture. The eyes of tears grow in the eyes. They are burnt and eye cells are badly affected.



Minor electrical signals continue throughout our body and help different parts of the body in their work. In this case, University of Michigan Professor, Donald G. P. and his colleagues, after research, said that bio-electrical signals activate special goblit cells (cells) within eyes. This activity excludes a protein named mucus which maintains moisture in eyes.


This activity was tested on special mice, it became known that the increase in electricity trembling increased the performance of goblit cells and its moisture was seen moisture, but this process was born for a while. It has come to mind that this strange illness of human eyes can be corrected by a signal sign.


The details of this research have been published in the American journal of Physical Scale Physology, which have been shown that the possibility of dry eye disease by creating electricity in human eyes is possible.


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