To Keep Your Mind Healthy, Move On The Feet Properly In Routine

It’s time to move your legs if you want to keep your mind healthy. New research has shown that exercising of feet also leads to new brain cells. This research will help to know motor neurons and other diseases. So it is needed that To Keep Your Mind Healthy, Move On The Feet Properly In Routine and make your habit. To Keep Your Mind Healthy, Move On The Feet Properly In Routine

Space minerals have not been physically active for a long period of space, due to a lot of changes in their physical conditions. Muscles and muscles are bending. However, new research has shown that not allowing the legs and leg to affect the body’s neuro-scope system effectively.

We know that there is a serious connection between movement and brain, because the signals of the entire body movements are removed from the brain motorcycles of the brain, and thus our muscles shrink or spread. When some part of the brain is affected, the brain performs elasticity and repairs it and attempts to tackle it by creating new links.

Now new research has shown that if the legs of the legs are reduced, they affect no reel stem cells, which lead to many neurons and brain cells.

Dr Rafela Adami, and her colleagues, a university professor of the University of Italy, said that exercise of legs exercises a brain.

For this, the experts kept moving the next legs of the mice for 28 days, while the other mice were the freedom to move around. After the survey, part of the brain of two types of mice is examined in the Vector Cularular region, which shows neurons’ health and stem cells make other brain cells.

It has come to know that the Neural stem cells of the non-moving mice decreased by 70 percent, but no such change was seen in the walking mice. Apart from this, glacial cells and oligodondro sites are also seen to be less tolerant in the mice which contribute to saving brain cells.

On the same hand, experts believe that the same effect may occur on humans as well. Therefore, climbing stairs and weighing weight on feet can also be beneficial.