The Truth about Teeth Whitening

The Truth about Teeth WhiteningTooth whitening is also called as “dental bleaching and swabbing”. It is a common procedure particularly in the field of cosmetics dentistry. Tooth whitening restores natural color of teeth and also whitens beyond the natural color. Teeth get darker and turn brownish yellow with age and also by consumption of staining substances such as wine, tea, coffee, colas and smoking.

Teeth whitening products are an easy and affordable way of getting rid of such discolorations.

Wine coffee, smoking and some antibiotics discolor teeth. Enamel covers and protects teeth and also gives them pretty white look. However, enamel is porous and stains gradually accumulate within the enamel and cause darkness. Enamel becomes more porous with age and teeth become more prone to stain. That’s why teeth whitening is required. Everyone who wants to brighten their smile can benefit from teeth whitening.