Thakoon Impressive Females Apparel Gallery 2015

Thakoon Impressive Females Apparel Gallery 2015 (4)

Matisse cutouts produced the starting point to the Thakoon Impressive Females Apparel Gallery 2015. “There was a thing joyous in the forms, ” explained Thakoon Panichgul, showing that that he started to be interested in typically the recesses prior to Tate exhibition about them opened throughout April. Panichgul in which joy translated to brand-new garments.

There were a great deal of energy from the oversize Orange-and-turquoise flowered print jacket in the opening; The idea seemed too fresh a thing scaled down in the a-line skirt that he linked to a tank in a silk scarf print. Panichgul has avoided mixed printing for a while now, but he has a real talent for them; He was smart to bring back the look.

He also did a smart way of thinking at the front decoration. When is a sailor-stripe top not just another sailor-stripe top? (We’ve certainly seen enough of them already. ) When the bottom is bordered in a deep hem of embroidered lace. And how to elevate a gabardine Pantsuit? Other than by coupling it with painted snakeskin platform sandals, that is?

Panichgul chosen to stitch the hem ofthe jacket, which served to soften up the edges. Knits got special treatment, too. Simple cotton crewnecks were trimmed with braided leather, and a rugby-striped knit was spliced with some of those printed side of the scarf. Best of all was a Marine hand-knit cabled tunic with dense Jaipur by border round neckline which he combined with a powerful black pleated skirt.