Stitched Dresses Yahsir Waheed 2013 for Women

  Stitched Dresses Yahsir Waheed 2013 for Women

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Lawn Dresses 2013 For Girls By Yahsir Waheed Yahsir Waheed is a well known name in fashion industry.This brand was founded in year 1988.Freshly,Yahsir Waheed launched latest spring- summer lawn suits collection for women.This Yahsir Waheed lawn collection exibition is at peral continental in Karachi from february 7to10.These lawn dresses for girls are very baeutifull by Yahsir Waheed.

Yahsir Waheed is demanding and very talented stylist now days and working in this field since 1998. In 1999, the company launched ‘Yahsir Waheed Lawn’, its first supreme mark of the fabric of the summer for women, Brimful Designs has been bring out the Spring / Summer Collection of Yahsir Waheed grass each year, with each Collection marking a new stage in terms of design, color, pattern and scale.

Yashir Waheen will introduce the new collection of lawn 2013 season next spring – summer 2013. It has recently shown some lawn dresses 2013 with the company of the Jang Group, which is given below. Go all out with the tunic that you keep the slim pants and simplified is its message for spring/summer 2013. What is a Pakistani fashion without contrasts season crazy? Download exhibition of lawn a Yashir Waheed eyeful at pearl continental Karachi from 7 to 10 February.