Shahrukh Khan demanded Baryani from his Wife on this Eid ul Fiter

The video of  Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan talked about a viral on the video, in which he is looking forward to studying the Eid ul fiter prayer and making his wife beautiful. Shah Rukh Khan asks wife Gauri to give biryani on Eid

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan specializes in the festival of Eid festival coming after Ramadan, and on that day he and his children are usually seen and seen. Prakash Khan Invites all journalists to his home and is arranged for his specialty especially Bani, but Shah Rukh does not talk much about his wife Eid.

Recently, a video of Shahrukh Khan is going viral, in which he seems to be reading Ayaz’s daily prayers and making the song anonymously.

The video shows Shahrukh and Gauri Khan are answering participants’ questions sitting in an event. In the beginning of the video, Shah Rukh Khan is asking Ghori whether he will work in films, which is being called by the street, if I was young, I was sure but now it is too old. With this, Shahrukh praises his wife while saying that the gurry does not come to make a beautiful house but to make a beautiful home, the throat is shyli, the middle class, the positive, and the more beautiful with it. And this is my wife, I can say anything about them, on which Ghori is also telling Shah Rukh Khan that you are the best.

The question asked by a journalist, what will you do on the Eid, at which point, Khan said, “We will read the festival on the eid and we will try to make a grandfather for us, which is very beautiful.” In the style, ‘Anshallah’ says.