Sania Maskatiya Latest Arrivals Collection 2012-13 for Women

Sania Maskatiya unveiled some new outfits for her Matyala collection 2012 today. Saniya Maskatiya new arrivals 2012-13 consist of relaxed wear dresses for ladies. They are generally tunics and shirts that can be worn for work, to college or while lynching out with friends. Saniya Maskatiya new arrivals 2012 are pretty fashionable and polite. The tunics in Sania Maskatiya new arrivals 2012 can be worn with tights, jeans and trousers for a good look. Most of the new and stylish dresses by Sania Maskatiya will be liked by younger girls due to their current look

Sania Maskatiya is a well-known fashion designer of our country. She has been regarded as the bright new face of the fashion world. Although, Sania Maskatiya started with her fashion designing work only some time back and now, she is one of the most admired names in the fashion trade of Pakistan

. She has showcased her designs in different fashion shows. Many fashion magazines and the media have also featured her designs. Currently, her flag ship store is in Karachi. Apart from that, the designer stocks her outfits at different multi-designer stores in Pakistan and other countries around the world.

Sania Maskatiya new arrivals 2012 can be seen in the pictures given below. They are from a photo shoot for a magazine.

If you want any of the outfits among Sania Maskatiya new arrivals 2012, you can go to its Facebook fan page. This fan page can be found on the address mentioned below. It will provide you with all the details about this label including its contact information and its past collections. Some of the past collections of Sania Maskatiya can also be found featured on new fashion elle . Do have a look at the previous dresses of her Matyala collection and Uraan collection.