Rizwan BEYG Limited Edition Latest Dresses 2013 by Al Zohaib

Rizwan BEYG Limited Edition Collection 2013 by Al Zohaib For Women 002

Rizwan Beyg is Pakistan’s leading fashion designer having extremely strong fashion background. Infect the first person to introduce the concept of designer lawn in Pakistan was Rizwan Beyg. Realising that the pret of Pakistan was and always will be the uniquitous shalwar kameez and given the fact that we had a long hot summer. Beyg was quick to use his textile and printing expertise to make designer wear accessible to the messes.

Getting the doors opened for himself in the fashion industry two decades back, he is among those fashion designers who bring new wave of fashion in Pakistan with the most beautiful styles, he is also considered as one of the pioneers of latest fashion in the country especially when it comes to designer lawn. Rizwan’s sense of understanding the thing is very sharp that why he understands what women need regarding clothing.