Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2014 for Women

Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2014 for Women 1World of Ralph Lauren is a legend – sophisticated, elegant, adventurous. However, we sometimes forget how diverse a world that is open to various demographic characteristics and stylistic points of view. On Thursday, Lauren reminded us exactly when it showed two very different aspects of their world, the signature collection and his new line of women Polo, with which he opened. All presented the arc pilasters and three crystalline massifs chandeliers set the tone of the first. But regardless, the Polo would glamour girls in any environment.

Alignment is vast and Lauren emphasized its different moods, all deeply rooted in the more casual side of his aesthetic. Interestingly, open to the weaker party, puffer fish and neon black sweaters over dresses and skirts that were a little old school. But in some looks, left a cardigan – dress Aztec pattern on a T- Henley, Polo -ette and found their groove ground fighter fashion suitable for a casual lifestyle busy. It was followed by a rapid assortment vocabulary rooted in the glorious home – tweeds, plaids, Nordic, dusty flowers, jeans – used in batteries charm swayed slightly subversive preppy tomboy chic taste.

The collection of Ralph Lauren spoke a completely different environment, such as Polo and neat refined was carefree. Lauren models always look exquisite beauty – elegant braids here and cheeks were slightly red – Polish elegant, never exaggerated. The same is true of clothes, work in sumptuous fabrics without restrictions – double face knitted cashmere , velvet – in a range of soft colors, very focused on white , gray , pink and lilac.

Lauren remained languid forms, most with large proper motion for fluid lines – crepe dress with appendix loose on shoulder and several layers ponchos, including suede covered turtleneck and pants, all in pink. This matching tonal intensified the aura of the collection retro diva, sometimes to excess. When Lauren went just a little less studied as a skin pink coat and gray Mongolian lamb on both bases fabulous white sheep, he felt more modern.