Pakistani Casual Dresses By I LUV Designer

Salwar KameezCasual dresses are very important in any society. The reason behind is that you have to wear one of the casual dresses every day. Regardless of you staying in, just going to pick up the kids from school, go to shopping, or even a casual dinner with the family.

Pakistani fashion and culture is no different. It does not matter where do you live. If you are a Pakistani Woman, you would kind of follow the Pakistani fashion well at least for casual dresses. It does not really matter if you are a full time mum, a house wife, a working woman or even a student. It also does not matter in which part of the world you do live. Every now and then you like to wear the traditional Pakistani casual dresses like salwar kameez or kurta with leggings or even a short kurti with tights. Oh and not forgetting the latest Palazzo pants fever among Pakistani women.

It’s not a problem to shop if you live in a city where you grew up. But if you have moved cities or moved out of the country then it’s a little bit hard to find a place to shop for Pakistani Casual Dresses where you find the latest fashion with reasonable prices. For example I grew up in Islamabad and I have been going to Islamabad’s Super Market in F7 and Rabi Centre in Rawalpindi for shopping of casual clothing like shalwar kameez, lawn, kurtis and even party dresses for as long as I can remember. But when I got married to came to London. Now for the initial few months I didn’t need more clothes as I had a lot from the marriage but then the weather started changing and I had to buy winter Pakistani casual clothes to wear while staying at home. I was not working so I was only looking for casual clothes kind of like kurta with leggings or salwar kameez etc. I went to shopping a couple of times for this purpose with my husband but I did not find anything suitable. Most of the available stuff was over a year old fashion wise. Probably because the boutiques in london brought them a year ago and it was left over or probably they bought the last year of fashion in Pakistan thinking who would know the Pakistani fashion in UK so lets buy whatever is available at cheap costs. Then there was that mirpuri kind of fashion. It was very flashy and bright colours stuff which is not really my thing.

I was a little disappointed. Then my husband recommended looking online for Pakistani casual clothes. It seemed like a good idea. So I started to Google “Pakistani Casual Dresses”, everything that came up was either a company who would only deliver in Pakistan, or a blog that will just have pictures and meaningless information or sites with Indian dresses available. All of this was not really what I was looking for.

I then somehow started looking into image search of Google, clicked on some image (I can’t really remember which one was that) and found myself on a website called Best fashion for girls.  They had all kinds of stuff like party dresses, leggings, pants, scarves etc. I was only looking for casual dresses so I clicked on Casuals from the menu.  The pictures were nice, stuff was linen so it was really suitable for casual dresses to worn in UK’s winter. Most of the kurtis were £25 with leggings/tights which is not bad considering the closest I found in London’s boutiques were £40.

The other problem I faced on the boutiques in UK was that usually Pakistani casual dresses were in free size. Now free size is usually medium or even slightly bigger then medium. I am size small. And if you like to get a dress fitted to my size, well boutiques were asking a £15 alteration charge working out to a total of £55. This was expensive. I LUV Designer had Small, Medium and Large sizes available. All stitched with leggings or tights for £25.

So I decided to give them a go. I bought 2 Kurtis in Small size for £50. The delivery to London showed free and £9 for next day delivery. I selected the free delivery as I was in no rush. So I paid £50 through PayPal (my husband’s account hehehehe)and completed the online order. 2 Days later the parcel turned up, both of the kurtis were of my exact size.

They were very well stitched, over locker and made with linen so it was perfect for winter in UK. I was really pleased. Since then I keep ordering Pakistani casual dresses from I LUV Designer and still very happy with them. What I have done is that I have liked their Face book page o whenever a new dresses is listed I get notified on my face book and I just place the order immediately if I like the dress. I really hope this would help someone like me in the same trouble.