New House of Ittehad Swiss Linen Winter collection 2013-14 for Women

House of Ittehad Swiss Linen Winter collection 2013-14 for WomenFashion is about creating a distinctive style that can be recognized by others and us exclusively. The reality is that fashion is not limited to any specific age, so it allows everyone to create his / her own style, which can be appreciated by others.

In the winter of 2013, a large number of notables, past styles, than those taken in previous periods, put forward an extremely diverse attitude. In order to provide that special vision of the creative team Ittehad Textile Industries offers an impressive collection of Swiss elegant linen to gratify their ladies in this winter season 203-2014.

In this year the Victorian style really is popular and it is very evident in the print costumes sets the mood of the season along with a theatrical charm. More to the point, which have been used in a particularly fascinating way the top and edges of the sleeves, given borders shirts which can be observed in a comprehensive approach that really goes along with the theme of the whole dress. In addition, the back of the dresses are made ​​with beautiful printed patterns. For manage a palette of colors has been used experimentally to add more beauty and dupattas are designed gracefully with interesting ways to print.

In regards to the colors you can see a diverse range that agrees completely with trends winter 2013-2014. An incredible variety of vibrant colors and earth tones can be observed that will put a sparkle in appearance. Moreover, in terms of our lovely ladies style seams are found long shirts with churidar pajamas and trousers. There is only limited to that only, as you can see flashes of style in fashion dress, fashion style jacketed and smart style pocket are sure to captivate the attention of viewers. For the convenience of our honorable visitors, these dresses are easily available in Stitched style from the outlets of the House of Ittehad in country.