New Henna Designs Collection 2014 For Women

New Henna Designs Collection 2014 005Henna designs are particular for brides to be. They are especially treated with care and the artistic designs are applied on their hands and feet in accordance with their dress and accessories selection. Henna for the brides is also colored as black for the outlines and further more decorated with glitters of various colors and ornamented with beads and shiny stones to make it look beautiful and attractive so the people could not keep their eyes off. This henna applying is itself a creative art that reflects the person’s inner beauty and love for fashion. This fashion trend is now applicable by the women of eastern and western countries including UK, Canada, USA, UAE, Australia, India and Pakistan. In this article we show some of beautiful and latest henna designs collection and we hope you will like “New Henna Designs Collection for 2014.