New Arabic Most Famous Mehndi Design For women 2024

New Arabic Most Famous Mehndi Design For women 2013 1

Mehndi Designs  Trends 2024: Arabic Mehndi designs are one of the most famous design Mehndi (henna) in the world. You can apply on special occasions like Eid, these designs engagements, weddings etc. Women like to put mehndi on their hands at special occasions like Eid, wedding, engagement etc.

Eid is the case with all ages of the girls like to put mehndi Their Hands and feet. Usually women visit salons to decorate with Mehndi usually a day before Eid (on Chand Raat) their hands.

You can also apply Mehndi at home because there are plenty of new designs available on the Internet. So, I am sharing with you some beautiful Mehndi designs for Eid that will surely beautify your hands and make your Eid nicer.


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