Mona Imran Shaan e Pakistan party Wear

Mona Imran Party Wear Collection 2016 For Women

Mona Imran Latest Collection “Shaan e Pakistan New Dehli Exhibition Shoot”

Here I am sharing designer Mona Imran Shaan e Pakistan new party Wear dresses 2016 for women. This collection labeled ” Mona Imran Shaan e Pakistan New Dehli Exhibition Shoot“. This the most stylish and coloful formal clothing is best for party wear to you. This eid you can love to have idea in you own stitching styles. This collection is build with latest fashion of frocks, aline shirts, shalwar kameez of long pattern. The neck styles are simple but very attractive. 

Shaan e Pakistan new delhi Exhibition Shoot and this wonderful and best sort of party wear assortment line then you’ll be obtaining this sense that you haven’t seen these forms of lovely party wear dresses

just before! Pakistani Designer Mona Imran have bring new ideas with amazing pattern using different colors and patterns. These are little bit of its quite fancy outfits, you’ll conjointly decision them fancy dresses.

Mona Imran new Shaan e Pakistan party Wear 2015-16for Ladies

This collection is sewed within the variety of medium length shirts, you’ll too be having these sleeveless shirts cuts and items and these fancy party wear  and wedding dresses are there adorned and inducted with bright and pastel forms of coloured shades.

Pakistani Model Jaweriya Hanif shooted for this new party wear dresses. Model & actress Jaweriya Hanif looks very stylish in theses dresses. Mona Imran Shaan e Pakistan New Dehli Exhibition Shoot 2016 looks awesome to you. Here see some pictures of Mona Imran Shaan e Pakistan party Wear 2016 for women…..

Mona Imran Latest Shaan e Pakistan Party Wear Dresses Images Gallery

Designer: Mona Imran
Photography, Coordination & Styling: Yasser Sadiq
Hair & Makeup: Adeel
Model: Jaweriya Hanif