Mina Hasan Stylish Bridal Wear Dress Collection For Women

Mina Hasan Bridal Wear Dress New Collection 2014-15 For Women (2)

Mina Hasan wedding dresses 2014 for women was launched recently . It was revealed by the designer for a while. It is very different from the elegant dresses wedding fashion from other designers . The color scheme is quite different.The Anarkalis include dresses , long dresses and shirts. The dresses are available in pretty cool colors like blue and light pink. The clothes are traditional bridal costumes and feature traditional designs. So if you’re looking for a good bridal couture, check out Mina Hasan wedding dresses 2014 for women.

Mina Hasan started small and is now one of the known designers. She started in 2002 and clothing for friends and relatives designed . Then she began designing clothes for others too . Initially, she participated in the design of high fashion only but now she has started designing clothes for other types too. The design philosophy of Mina Hasan reflects the glamor and magnificence. The elegant dresses with classic silhouettes and embroidery on a wide variety of colors. Each is a work of art. Designer clothing are available through their stores in Karachi and Lahore. In addition , the designer can be contacted for consultations over the phone .

You can see pictures from the photo shoot Mina Hasan wedding dresses 2014 for women below. These photos were published in a reputable journal . As you can see , these garments are very different from Mina Hasan party wear 2013 revealed before this. If you want these or any other dress Mina Hasan , you can get through the designer shops . The locations of the stores mentioned in Mina Hasan Facebook page and your address is here . Also given here are photos of Mina Hasan wedding dresses 2014 for women.