Maliha’s Jewellery 2013 Collection

Best Maliha Jewellery Design For Girls 0008

Maliha’s jewellery collection 2013 for ladies was revealed recently via a photo shoot. It includes earrings and necklaces for women mostly. They are available separately. The earrings and necklaces both have traditional designs. Different stones have been used on them. Some of the pieces of jewellery in Maliha’s jewellery collection 2013 for ladies are heavy while others are not. Most of the jewellery is suitable for wearing with party wear and casual wear outfits. So, if you want stylish jewellery for yourself, check out Maliha’s jewellery collection 2013 for ladies. We think that many women will like the jewellery.

Maliha’s is a jewellery label by Maliha Shaikh. It is a newly formed jewellery brand. It was formed only about a month back. However, it has released one or two jewellery collections in the past. It offers different pieces of jewellery like sets, necklaces and earrings.

Not much is known about the brand right now, but from the looks of the jewellery, we can say that the designer behind the brand is quite talented. The jewellery of the brand is also quite reasonably priced and are made as per the style in Pakistan and abroad. The brand can be contacted through phone for prices and information about its jewellery.