Magnifique Lala Textiles Lawn Volume-2 Collection 2013

Lala Textiles Magnifique Lawn Volume-2 Collection 2013 (8)

Lala Textiles has recently announced amazing Lawn & Beautiful 2013-Volume 2 for women and girls in Pakistan. In this collection, Lala Textiles has designed the costumes inside the craftsmanship of these wonderful and beautiful dresses and long shirts with trousers and pants. Lala Textile Collection embellished with embroidery and lace choked. the colors used for this collection ar as light brown, red, green, blue etc.This great Lala Textile Lawn & Beautiful 2013-Volume 2 is big plus for future events of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr 2013.

Lala Textiles has become a part of the garment industry since 1947. Lala Textile brand is one of the oldest reasons of fashion and also in Pakistan. Lala textile can be a fashion house, a nice way to sand turf for every season or occasion. Lala Textiles offers collections of the four classes of Samia Sanaa, Lala classic, Kesa and woman. In this collection lawn in 2013, the total number of evening dresses are casual and party wear each.