Latest Timma’s Winter Dress Collection by Fatima Irfan

FORMAL AND CASUAL WEAR DRESSES 2015 FOR WOMEN (6)Recently Latest Timma’s winter Dress collection 2013 For women and young girls was display after the release of Timma’s party wear collection 2012. Timma’s winter dress collection 2012-13 consists of modern dresses with long shirts and trousers or tights. The shirts have light embroidery on the front.

These dresses are fit for casual wear. All dresses are very beautiful and stylish. The dresses have been made according to fashion in Pakistan these days.Timma’s provides clothes as per the requirements of women.

The designer also knows all the cuts and styles and pays a lot of attention to details. that’s why, you can see that the outfits of Timma’s are quite stylish. Moreover, they bring out the beauty in women. Timma’s winter collection 2012-13 can be seen below..

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