Latest Silaayi “Baaa” Eid-ul-Adha Collection Vol 1 For Women

Silaayi Baaa Eid-ul-Adha Collection 2013 Vol 1 For Women (8)

Silaayi style is back with ” Baaa ” Collection of Eid -ul – Adha 2013 – Volume 1 for girls and women. The girls already know about Silaayi fashion brand offering women wear fashionable dresses for party wear and casual wear . Silaayi is a brand of clothing and Adil Mufti Iftikhar Alina , for all women fashion out there . Offers a range of ready to wear clothes , which has both eastern and western newly blossomed wears.

A Silaayi cut , printed flowers made ​​malai lawn with white stripes black and atthe final rest . Each layer has a lace finishing sequence . The beauty of this shirt is further enhanced by the stitching in yellow and black on the neck and bottom. Silver and Black stone button ornament on the neck. All you girls will love this new collection eid party wear for winter 2013 . Now you can view images of Silaayi ” Baaa ” Collection Eid -ul – Adha 2013 – Volume 1 for girls …