Latest Men’s Shoes Collection By Borjan

Borjan Shoes Men Summer Footwear Collection 2012 For Men

Borjan Shoes Men has launched Summer Shoes Collection for Men. Borjan established itself as a world-class producer of private-label and branded footwear with the aim to provide brilliant shoes at affordable prices.

Borjan was founded in 1995. Borjan serving the industry for almost 17 years, and now they have 68 Outlets in 44 cities in Pakistan. It is here that innovation and equipment come together with skilled hands and an old-fashioned work ethic.

Borjan Shoes Men is a very modern shoe embraced by authentic style and casual flair which is a symbol of outdoor comfort with a touch of style & elegance. Its relaxed and classic designs have always defined what it means to be present and casual.

Borjan gives very contented outdoor shoes, an innovation that has changed the kind of shoes we wear. Let’s have a look at Borjan Shoes Men Summer Shoes Collection….

Latest Men’s Shoes Design By Borjan Footwears

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