Latest Mehndi Designs For Bridal Hands

 Latest Mehndi Designs For  Bridal Hands

Mehndi is most essential thing for bridal in Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia at their marriage ceremony not only bridal others girls and women also put mendi on their hands feet on religious festival or marriage ceremony .

Now a days mehndi design on back and arms are also made. Western side women and girls love to decorate their hands with the mehndi designs or different kind of taatos.

Indian have been kept as simple and plain ones. and Arabic designs are mostly filled and all designs have been covered with the floral. Indian design choose peacock patterns whereas the geometrical designs have been set within the category of simple and less complicated designs. All the designs of hands have been covering both the back and front side of hands while the feet designs are just filling the toe and ankle point in Pakistani Mehndi Design.