Latest Lala Textiles Dahlia Lawn For Women Dresses Collection 2013

Lala textiles Dahlia Lawn Collection 2013 For Women 03

Latest Lala Textiles Dahlia Lawn For Women Dresses Collection 2013 started as a childlike trading house in 1947, the Lala Textile fashion clothing brand has today arisen to embrace four diverse retail brands providing approachable summer; summer solstice and winter fabric ranges to ladies across Pakistan; these include Lala classic, Kesa lawn, and Sana and Samia.
Surely it was with the surely of the quintessential Lala recount label in 1972 that the trading house first started user retail. Today, with over 39 years of seasoned experience, the Lala brand continues to provide quality substantial through custom marks throughout the year. Lala Classic, the first consumer label by the textile house became a market force almost immediately for its focus on unique personal style, affordability and a quality understanding of colours. This Dahlia Summer Lawn 2013 collection by Lala Textile is new trendy spring summer fashionable lawn like all previous lawn collection by Lala. Now look some photos of Dahlia Latest Summer Lawn Collection 2013 By Lala Textile…