Latest Eid Print Collection For Women By Firdous Cloth Mills

Eid Print Collection 2012-13 For Women By Firdous Cloth Mills (7)

Firdous Fashion ( Firdous Cloth Mills) has Recently launched their Firdous Eid Collection, Women dresses Mid Summer Eid prints, whose feature model is super Hot glamorous model Ayyan Ali.

Firdous started in 1970 with a vision to give customer satisfaction through fabric quality, design and affordable price range. In this Eid Dresses collection latest fashion trends of are included. Moreover, this is an outclass women’s Eid Embroidered lawn collection, of course eye-catching and appealing.

Let’s have a quick look at Firdous Fashion ( Firdous Cloth Mills), Eastern women,’s trendy outfits wonder stylish fashion Pakistani Modern trend. Firdous Eid prints are Blossoms and fine cutwork dupatta, Opulent attire abounded with lush cutwork and alluring color scheme.An imperial outfit colored in the most passionate tones and patterns bursting with the beauty of roses.

An elegant cutwork in soft skin-colored thread, accentuating the earthiness and decency of brown shaded dress. Firdous Fashion clothing includes clothes, clutches, Handbags, Business bags, suit cases, Shoes, Belts, Ties, Jeans, Polo shirts, A-line shirts, and long shirts with churidar pajama-like.

Trendy Eid Print Collection For Women By Firdous Cloth Mills

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