Latest Borjan Shoes On Eid, Ladies Footwear Collection 2012-2013

Borjan  has introduced Borjan Shoes Styles On  Eid Arrivals . This Eid Borjan brings you with the latest variety in All Borjan Stores where Fashion defines Tradition. So color up your Eid with Borjan footwear latest new designs stylish to improve your personality.Borjan is a popularPakistani footwear brand for men and women. Borjan is a German word that means HAPPY. Borjan is a very far-famed footwear brand for men and women.Borjan Shoes the only footwear chain in Pakistan that settle RETURNS on the spot. We promise customer care and peace of Mind. There are no products matching the selection.Borjan was founded in 1995. Borjan is very best name in Pakistan regarding all fashion accessories and especial fashion stylish shoes for Men and Women. Borjan is the only footwear chain in Pakistan that settles brings back on the spot.



These Stylish Borjan shoes are available on all Borjan outlets in Pakistan..

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