Latest Bareeze Eid / Fall Dress Collection For Women

Bareeze eid ul Adha Dress New Collection 2013-2014 For Women (1)Bareeze Eid – Fall 2013 collection has launched embroidered classics to life and to all leading stores in Pakistan. The collection consists of fully embroidered and semi-embroidered robes, which were designed in the neck, back line and borderline pattern. Bareeze has designed this beautiful collection full of awesome stitching styles such as long pants and shirts and dresses with tights. These dresses are fully decorated with embroidery and lace. Hope you like Bareeze Eid / Fall 2013-14 collection Bareeze embroidered classics.
Bareeze is one of the specialized organizations and famous brand products from Pakistan. Bareeze always brings top-quality female clothes for every season. Bareeze is a very popular brand founded in 1985. Bareeze offers regular and casual outfits for men and women in a wide range of amazing outfits with little embroidered designs.

The Bareeze range includes crisp cotton, luxurious silks, sheer organza, chic chiffons and more. Textile embroidery is an art that we mastered while maintaining the local tradition alive in each of our designs. Bareeze is proud to be the perfectionist fashion fabrics in carrying on the tradition of the sub-continent hand embroidery into exclusive Bareeze her.Each dress in this collection is adorned with elegant looks and high ends. All girls love the classic embroidered Bareeze Eid ul Azha – Fall 2013 collection for women. Now you can see some beautiful pictures of the latest party wear dresses Bareeze Eid Collection 2013-2014 for women …..