Julia Lawn Collection 2014 for Women by Ittehad Textile

Julia Lawn Collection 2014 for Women by Ittehad TextileThe collection includes printed summer dresses with style. House of Ittehad Julia Lawn 2014 volume is basically the result of all the comments and requests from customers. There are different combinations of colors in the collection to cater to all tastes and preferences of the needs of women. In general, the Glass House 2014 Ittehad lawn looks like a very elegant collection of House of Ittehad.

However, she did release a collection of high quality design earlier this year. All fabrics featuring Ittehad House are of good quality, but their prices are quite reasonable. Many women choose Ittehad Textile fabrics for the manufacture of elegant dresses. You can buy the fabric of the company through its branches in different cities or through fabric stores nationwide. House of Ittehad Ittehad Textiles belongs to. Ittehad Textiles has been in the textile industry in Pakistan for many years.

Provides many different types of fabrics. Provides home textiles, fabrics for men’s clothing, children’s clothing and women’s clothing fabrics. It offers different types of fabrics for different seasons. Mostly provides patterned fabrics. You can see pictures of Julia 2014 Collection by Ittehad below. These are pictures of the catalog of the House of Ittehad Julia 2014. The dresses of the collection can be purchased through the different stores Ittehad House. You may also be able to buy the clothes through fabric stores nationwide.