Healthy and Sweet Recipes at Mumbai Square London

Breakfast or lunch with sandwiches is so easy, and it can also be very healthy. Especially when you, for example, investing in this list choose. Yet there is a disadvantage to the most healthy sandwich spread: it is almost all savory! And that while healthy, sweet sandwich spreads are not really an impossible option. Healthy and Sweet Recipes at Mumbai Square London

Today we are going to discuss a few types of fresh sandwich spreads that are often seen as healthy. Are they indeed so responsible? In addition, we give you a few delicious recipes to get started!

Healthy bread spreads

When bread is spreads exactly right now? Simply put: if there are useful substances in it, and not too many substances that are bad for your body. Useful substances are, for example, proteins, fibers or simply vitamins and minerals. Even healthy fats fit into this category.

With a lot of unhealthy toppings the problems are caused by sugar or salt. For both substances applies that a little harm, but that too much is simply unhealthy. However, they are added to so many products that you quickly get too much of it by accident. In the case of sweet bread, sugar is of course the culprit.

But which products from the supermarket are healthy, sweet sandwiches, and which ones are not? We will discuss six favorites below.

Apple syrup healthy?

Apple syrup seems very healthy, because it is basically made of apple. Unfortunately, a lot of syrup from sugar beet is also added to a lot of apple syrup. These brands therefore contain sugar in particular, while the benefits of the fruit are significantly reduced. The only advantage to this sugar-apple syrup is that it is very iron-rich.

A product of 100% apple then contains little iron. It also still contains quite a lot of concentrated fruit sugars, simply because they are retained from the fruit. However, this type of pure apple syrup contains more vitamins. So you can eat both types every now and then, but be aware that it is not a completely healthy choice.

Jam healthy?

Another product that gets its good reputation from fruit is jam. Here, too, we have to make a difference between jam with added sugar and jam without added sugar. The sorts of extra sugar added are not a good choice anyway. They hardly contain any fruit, especially concentrated juice and fast carbohydrates.

Fruit ‘without added sugar’ is often still sweetened with, for example, apple juice concentrate. That is therefore still effective sugar. Only if you find a jam that contains (almost) 100% fruit, it becomes a relatively suitable choice to occasionally eat on bread. Even then, however, the fibers and vitamins are still somewhat disappointing.

Pure sprinkles healthy?

Pure chocolate is – in moderate amounts – good for the heart and blood vessels. It is therefore not surprising to assume that the same will also opt for pure chocolate sprinkles. Unfortunately, there are some catches here! The most important: sprinkles are not covered by the regulations for chocolate. In contrast to ordinary dark chocolate, it does not have to contain 54% cocoa.

Pure chocolate sprinkles from De Ruyter therefore contain only 32% cocoa solids. The extra pure remains at 35%; only the intensely pure comes to 52%. That is still less than the recommended minimum of 70%, but if you want a sprinkle on your bread once, this is the best choice!

Nut butter healthy?

Nut butter, then. Most people know mainly peanut butter, but certainly at organic stores many more types can be obtained. Here too, of course, applies again: in any case, choose a variant with no added sugar. Most light peanut tomatoes are therefore immediately rejected. Also the amount of salt is a factor to pay attention, especially with peanut butter.

However, if you have found a nut butter that consists entirely of nuts, then you have a good option! Nuts are rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. A sandwich with nut butter can therefore easily replace your daily hand of nuts.

Coconut bread healthy?

Coconut bread is also popular for bread in many households. Thanks to the healthy image of coconut, it also does not seem very unhealthy. Unfortunately, that is a bit of optical illusion. Besides that coconut, such a slice contains a lot of sugar and saturated fat. This certainly applies to the varieties with flavors such as strawberry or banana.

Coconut bread thus remains an option for the occasional. If you still want to enjoy that coconut flavor on bread, you can also sprinkle some dried coconut over a layer of nut butter. Less sweet, but also a lot healthier.

Honey healthy?

Then, finally, honey. This is often known as the ‘healthy alternative’ for sugar. Unfortunately, that is just nonsense. Honey still consists of 85% glucose and fructose, and the other 15% is water. So rubbing honey on your bread is not healthier than scattering a spoonful of sugar over your bread.

Of course you can eat honey in small quantities, just like you do with sugar. For example, you can use it to make nut butter slightly sweeter. As a loose sandwich, it is not recommended.