Frieda Goes to Kharadar Spring-Summer 2013

Frieda Goes to Kharadar Spring-Summer 2013 Collection 5

Frida goes to Kharadar was one of the most feted collection of Fashion Pakistan Week 2013 winning kudos from critics across the board. In a fashion season when digital prints really did bore all the dedicated followers of fashion to death, it was Deepak Perwani ode to Mexico’s most famous painter, Frida Kahlo, that retained a sparkling individuality. Iraj looks positively regal as she models the collection that brought back the equally dusky painter whose work has been described as a ribbon tied around a bom. With that enigmatic face, the flowers that featured so heavily in her work, the black and white stripes that are all the rage this season, comfy cotton skirts and tops, elegantly cut yet bold tunics in silks and chiffon’s, the collection is in Deepak Perwani stores now. Priced between Rs. 5000 and going up to Rs. 20,000, it’s all about separates and very collectible. It’s also perfectly timed with the new Deepak Perwani outlet scheduled to open in dolmen Mall soon.