Falak Fabrics 2017 Spring summer lawn Embroidered collection

Falak Fabrics Pk have recently launched latest year’s 2017 Spring summer lawn Embroidered collection for women. Now you can make an elegant style statement in this spring summer lawn collection. The collection have Embroidered 3 Pc Unstitched Lawn made of Lawn fabrics.

Falak Fabrics Premium Collection 2017 for Girls (3)Every girl is aware of that new lawn prints 2017 are slowly becoming old and it is now on every ladies the main thing you are thinking about that there have to be something new to deal with this ever increasing monotonous fashion. If this sounds familiar then appearance no in addition than falak fabrics. Our designs aren’t best ideal for the ones every day casual outings with pals and family, however will also be dressed up for office and college put on. Falak Fabrics Beautiful Chiffon Winter Collection (2)

Falak Fabrics clothing dresses offer the last versatility-simply one blouse lets in you to create such a lot of unique looks- wear with coloured/revealed, skinny jeans, funky scarves , the possibilities are endless! So try it for yourself and get the brand new and secure look nowadays from falak fabric, also permitting you to save effectively and , The Designer of Spring summer lawn 2017 is Faizan Khalid and the E-commerce Partner is Dealistan.com.pk. The fashion Model Sunita Marshall looks stunning and hot in these vintage lawn 2017 for spring summer. And the beautiful photogrphy is down by Yasser Sadiq who is top Photography & Styling in Pakistan. You can buy Falak Fabrics latest Spring summer lawn Embroidered collection 2017 online from Falak Fabrics facebook page for website…

Falak Fabrics 2017 spring summer lawn collection (9)

Falak Fabrics Spring summer lawn 2017 Embroidered collection for Girls

Designer by : Faizan Khalid

E-commerce Partner by: Dealistan.com.pk

Modeling : Sunita Marshall

Photography & Styling by: Yasser Sadiq

Shopping Online: Dealistan.com.pk