Eid Wear Dresses Collection 2012-2013 for Ladies by Zainab Sajid Stunning

The brand best known for overweening and bedazzling formal wear and complex bridals is now emerging with a line of prêt as exciting and innovative as their formals. Aqua is explicated after the same kind of extensive research and thought process that are put into the formal clothes. The first pret collection was inspired by the pottery of Hala.

Lately Zainab Sajid  has revealed  their Stylish Aqua by Zainab Sajid Eid Wear Dresses Collection 2012 for Girls. Zainab Sajid is Pakistani brilliant Fashion designer her fashion brand house AQUA from The House of Zainab Sajid a big clothing store. Aqua, as the label hints, is a new and forward-thinking label being launched by the House of Zainab Sajid.