Eid Qurbani Cattles Fashion Show in Lahore

Eid is the most happiness day for all Muslims and the Eid e Qurban (Eid ul adha) is one of the day most special day having more joy with playing to animals and eating the beaf and mutton on the holy day. Qurbani fashion show Video Lahore

The happiness starts for the weeks ago when all folks having a special time with Bakra’s, Sheep (Bher), Cattles & Cows and all the Halal Qurbani animals. women have a fashion day in Lahore with a special walk on ramp with cattle and other big and small animals. Girls have great fun with them. This fashion show was organized by dolly no sheen.

Cute girls model have special dresses and beautify modern makeup having a good looking style. You will see here Eid Qurbani Cattles Fashion Show in Lahore Video with special fun. Watch here.

Eid ul Adha Qurbani Cattle Fashion Show in Lahore