Dua Malik & Sohail Haider Wedding Photo

Dua Malik and Sohail Haider Wedding Nikah Pictures (8)

Pakistani actress Dua Malik and Sohail Haider Wedding Nikah Pictures collection. The sister of Humaima Malik, Dua Malik got hitched to Sohail Haider in 2014. Their marriage was commended with full fate and pleasure.

Numerous Pakistani actresses were likewise welcomed to the wedding. Dua Malik is a popular morning show host and I imagine that regardless she has one. Dua Malik straightforwardly discusses her emotions.Dua Malik and Sohail Haider Wedding Nikah Pictures (2)

As of late in her morning show, she said that she was expecting her first kid. She likewise said that she appreciates her wedded life extremely much. many celebrated big names from Pakistan’s excitement industry, close companions, and relatives took an interest in the occasion of Dua Malik and Sohail Haider’s Wedding service.

Both lady and lucky man look delightful and certain at all the times of wedding event. Pakistani playback and pop Singer Sohail Haider recently got hitched to Dua Malik who is the sister of Humaima Malik. Dua Malik is likewise an artist and has additionally facilitated a morning show called “Sur Saath Savera“. Dua Malik will resume taking a shot at TV after Ramadhan now.

Sohail Haider & Dua Malik Wedding Pictures Watch ... (2)

We salute the couple and wish them a content life together. The following are a few pictures from Dua Malik’s Maayion, Nikah & wedding service. Appreciate! Dua Malik imparted some post-wedding pictures to Sohail Haider. S

he imparted a portion of the pictures on Instagram and some on her Facebook fan page. Every last picture demonstrates beautiful sentiments and statements. So let’s observe Dua Malik and Sohail Haider’s ravishing post …

Dua Malik and Sohail Haider Wedding Photos

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