Dawood Textiles Exclusive Zam Zam Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-01 for Women

Dawood Textiles Exclusive Zam Zam Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-01 for Women 5Dawood Textiles has been tinted between the most famous and reputed famous fashion textile mills in Pakistan. This mill has been working for the fashion lovers with full devotion and fervor since 1958. This product has each time emerge with the lawn collections that are much new looking for the women. The main brand lines of Dawood Textiles are Zam Zam Chiffon Lawn, Classic Lawn, Jacquard Lawn, Gold Lawn, Ali Shan etc. The way they design the outfits with huge stylishness and modernity has been every single time loved and well liked by the girls.

Now, Dawood textiles are rotating inside the fashion market with their exciting looking and much awesome intended Zam Zam lawn collection 2014 Volume 1 for women. This lawn collection 2014 has been offered in the taste of three piece suits that is adding with long shirts, trousers or shalwars along with the duppattas as well. In all the lawn collection cloths the mill has tinted much latest form of styles that are making all the outfits designs as dissimilar looking from one another. In this article we will be pasting some of the pictures related with Dawood Textiles Zam Zam lawn collection 2014 volume 1for young girls.

The beautification of the shirts has been finished with the complete embroidery whereas the duppattas have been offered with the print and floral designing. The clothing fabric used for the lawn dresses is chiffon and cotton. The colors are appearing to be much colorful as they are set within the soft and much vibrant dark color shades.