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Sonar Bridal Jewelry Sets New Designs at BCW 2012

Sonar Bridal Jewelry Sets New & Latest Designs at BCW

Sonar Brides jewelry is now entering its third year. Since its establishment, Sonar has expanded it’s business from Lahore, to Islamabad, reached world-wide markets as well, including countries like UAE, UK, all the way to Washington, D.C.

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Swarovski launches jewelry Design Collection 2012

spring summer jewelry collection by swarovski

Swarovski CGB offers an array of collections which include Jewelry, Fashion accessories, Watches, Figurines, and Home accessories.Recently they have introduced their spring summer jewelry collection 2012.

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Bushra Aftab Fine Diamonds & Kundan Polki Stylish Jewelry Sets

Bushra Aftab Fine Diamonds & Kundan Polki Stylish Jewelry Sets (6)

Bushra Aftab Jewels excel in brilliancy and a gorgeous play of prismatic colors, every piece tells its own story.Bushra Aftab creation can be recognized from after.Our wide range of chic, distinctive and authentic designs combined with the quality craftsmanship offers you the finest variety of Bridal jewelery sets earings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and much more at reasonable prices “Bushra Aftab Kundan Polki Collection” 2013-12 trend.

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