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Tunics Eid Collection For Women By Needlez By Shalimar

Latest Tunics Eid Collection 2012 For Women By Needlez By Shalimar 4

NEEDLEZ has launched Tunics Eid Collection 2012 For Women By Needlez By Shalimar with beautiful designs of Longs Shirts and prints. NEEDLEZ” is a brand name of Shalimar products. Shalimar products have got mammoth fame in recent years by providing the world class attires in the fashion world.

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Bareeze Eid New Feast Dresses for women

Bareeze Eid Latest Dresses 2015 for Women (2)

I am sharing Bareeze Eid  New Feast Dresses for women to wear on special day. Bareeze is one in all the Pakistan’s most most popular and troublesome fashion complete. Bareeze has being a district of rag trade since year 1985 and since then they need releases their exclusive summer Eid …

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Latest Eid Summer Lawn Collection For Women By Kayseria

Kayseria Latest Eid Lawn Collection 2012 Catalog For Girls

Kayseria is going to release their latest Eid collection 2012 Catalog for women.Their collections have always unique dress designs and are successful as their root brand bareeze.Kayseria’s latest Eid Summer collection 2012 Catalog for women offers a variety of fabrics including lawn, swiss lawn, chiffon, cotton, cotton satin, net, malmal, silk and grip. Each design is available in minimum of three and maximum of six designs.

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Club X New Arrivals Summer Collection by Leisure Club

Club-X Woman Eid Summer Collection 2012 by Leisure Club

Leisure Club LC Recently launched New Arrivals Summer Collection 2012 for Girls. Leisure Club was founded in 1997 by Sefam Group. It is one of the best high fashion store of Pakistan. Every year they come up with new and modern style and glamor outfits Girls.

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Damak Mid summer Ramadhan Eid Dresses For Women

Damak Mid summer Ramadhan Eid Wear Collection For Women

Damak was established in 1987 in Bradford, England. It has faced a long road of experiences which have refined it's approach to producing the finest outfits. Damak offer designs in many cuts ranging from shalwar kameez to fishtail dresses, depending on what is deemed fashionable at the time. All this new and elegant collection is consisting on very beautiful so far fashionable dresses.

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Noor by Saadia Asad luxury Silk Mother & Daughter dresses

Noor by Saadia Asad luxury Silk Eid Dress 2015 (1)

New fashion ell looking to sharing Noor by Saadia Asad Luxury Silk Mother & Daughter dresses for eid wear. This is the time for mother and daughters, Mothers and female offspring dresses embody during this Collection. You can see eid dresses for mothers and daughters. These dresses are created in …

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