Bridal Wear Collection Nayna Fashion House UK 2013-14

Bridal Wear Collection Nayna Fashion House UK 2013-14 (3)

Nayna is a private company that designs, manufactures, and markets traditional Eastern fashion for the contemporary woman. Nayna collections showing bridal dresses, formal wear, shoes and other accessories, has tapped into the wealth of rich fabrics in Pakistan, and the skill of the craftsmen employed lahori experienced in the production of his hand embroidery products and full of details.
The product line, based on creative expression and aesthetic skill of the designer Saman Arif, reflects the interrelationship between superior quality and distinctive designs.

By combining the elements of contemporary fashion with the requirements of today’s customer, Nayna continues to provide excellent services to a growing market. During the last decade, the fashion industry in Pakistan has witnessed an exponential growth not only in the number of new designers entering the market but also in international media coverage, which has expanded its umbrella to provide an unprecedented exhibition these new operators. It is their unparalleled fusion of professional management with the project that made Nayna an internationally recognized brand.

Two partners Nayna, Saman and Arif and meet this merger. Arif is a graduate of LUMS (, Pakistan’s top and highly ranked business school in Asia and Saman is a graduate of PSFD ( only recognized school affiliated and French of Pakistan in the field of fashion. The result is a company committed to providing superior products and unparalleled design, to meet the market needs not only of Pakistan but also the international clientele extremely professional company.

Nayna Fashion House famous brand in women dresses based in United Kingdom and also available in every corner of the U.S. markets. Women are making this brand as an important part of the dresses in the UK and U.S. Nayna Fashion House Formal and Bridal Dresses Collection is available at all major stores in Pakistan and European fashion market. Nayna Fashion House Dresses designed especially for girls and young women, this collection are based on formal and bridal clothes with long shirt, women maxi, pajama pants, and women or girls also wear these shirts and maxi with jeans according to their personality.