Branded Clothes for Overseas Pakistanis just a Click Away By JustEastern

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The latest buzz in fashion industry is the concept of online boutiques of branded fashion and apparel, which has been presented most prominently by The site has been launched as a complete e-commerce site to satisfy all fashion conscious overseas Pakistanis of both genders with a complete range of branded apparel at an affordable price. Even orders for custom-made clothing can be placed on the site, which makes it a highly comprehensive offering in the market for fashion apparel.

The brands offered by Just Eastern include Al-Karam, KOEL, Morpankh, Rani Siddiqi and Sharmeen Battla to name a few. Owing to these popular brands, it is expected that the site will gain rapid popularity, and will develop a loyal customer base. This is because it is both convenient to order online, as well as, prices offered by the site are not as high as traditional brick-and-mortar boutiques. The site is also committed to regularly offer special offers and web exclusives. Just Eastern has partnered with some biggest names in courier shipping to deliver shipment across the world in time.

The website itself is enhanced with a trading platform, with focus on clothing, footwear, as well as accessories suitable for people of all sizes. The online store is intended to facilitate lives of fashion buyers and to help them experience availability of a wide choice under one ‘roof’. People looking for deals and sale can find the specific fashion items on discount deals. Even bridal wear clothing is also available in the store. The live support feature on the site is perhaps the single most important functionality since customers can inquire availability of sizes, seek advice and get answers for their queries right the moment.

The key idea behind the site is commendable, i.e. extend the utility of home shopping to customers by providing offerings of several brands right at the moment. It is expected that the Just Eastern will generate buzz owing to originality of its concept and the convenience it is offering to customers. The time of the launch of this e-commerce site is just about ideal when overseas buyers are beginning to trust online shopping from Pakistan. Only a few years ago customers were quite skeptical to the idea of online shopping since the entire process raised some questions: Customers were reluctant to share personal information on a website since they didn’t know if their information (comprising of name, home address and phone number) will remain with them. However, global customers are open to the idea of buying products from Pakistan. Since Just Eastern offers clothing of all renowned brands, quality of the product is assured for the customers. So, the next time you plan to purchase a designer kurta or formal footwear, log onto and enjoy convenience of online shopping.