Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2013

Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2013 for Collage Girls 002

Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2013 is also considered an important part of today’s trend for our teenagers. It is an understood statement that matching jewellery and nail paint strengthen the dressing of a person. Light blue nail paint with designing of black, yellow, white color is beautiful. Lines are drawn in a zigzag manner and in a pattern of dots. Each finger has different nail paint designing on it. Brown color nail paint is trendy and according to the running fashion of modern age. It has designing of double shade on it, shining and somewhere red color also. This nail paint gives a beautiful look to teenager’s hands because it has slight shining in it. Black color Nail polish design is mind blowing because it has designing of rain bow color in three layers. This nail paint will look best in multi shaded suit.