Batik Lawn Collection Moon Textile Dresses For Women

Batik Lawn Collection 2013 For girls & Women By Moon Textile 009

Moon textiles launched their latest collection titled Moon Textiles Summer Collection. Their new collection features 8 new lines: Digital, Trends, Batik Lawn, Batik Chiffon, Barkha Lawn, Barkha Chiffon, and the completely new and exclusive Swiss products that they are introducing this year Swiss Voile & Swiss Voile Crinkle Chiffon are awesome and have certainly outdone all previous collections.

Trends has 11 new designs, Batik Chiffon 48, Batik Lawn 75, Barkha Lawn 32, and more coming in Barkha Chiffon as well. The digital line is the new addition to the family of these beautiful collections.

Digital prints produced under Moon Textile consist of 16 exquisite designs.