Ayesha Farook Hashwani Latest Winter Dress Collection For Women

Ayesha Farook Hashwani Latest Winter Dress Collection 2013-2014 For Women (9)Ayesha Farook Hashwani is a famous fashion designer and leader Pakistan.Ayesha F Hashwani is the fashion brand that launched their 2013 winter dresses for girls who love sewn dresses for their wardrobe .
Ayesha Farook Hashwani is a fashion designer with many talents who ran her own fashion line AFH since 2005 and since then it has launched so many collection.

Ayesha F Hashwani offers casual clothing, celebration and wear wedding dresses for each season, Ayesha F Hashwani recently launched winter 2013 dresses for women . In this winter collection 2013 , you have been added ind beautiful and elegant dresses that are fully designed according to the latest fashion trend.Ayesha F Hashwani embellished these dresses with lots of embroidery and a collection laces.This consists of dresses stitched ready to wear pattern. The embellishment of embroidery and bright colors makes it more beautiful . The colors are prosecuted for their blue ferozi , black, pink and etc. etc.Furthermore , it will be a perfect collection for girls. Just wait a little here and have a look at them here below ..