After Paryanka, Tabbu Enterance in Salman Khan’s Movie “Bharat”

After the renowned actress Paryanka Chopra in Bollywood movie Salman Khan’s film ‘India’, Tebo has also given an explosive entry. Abbas Zafar and Salman Khan, Bollywood actor and director of Bollywood, have been given films such as ‘Sultan and Tiger Suriye’ till now, and that pair again again stirring the film ‘India’ by Bollywood. Tabu entrance Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra in 'Bharat'

When Paryanka Chopra and Desh Pattani have already been declared for the main role in the film, but Salman Khan’s contestant decided to join the film for the third actor to set the film for four moons went.

According to the Indian media reports, Bollywood’s famous director, Ali Abbas Zafar, confirmed the involvement of Tabbu in the film ‘India’ on Twitter, on a social networking website, posted a picture and said that he was very much working to act with the actor Tabbo. I’m sorry!

The director further added in his statement regarding Tebu that “I am a great fan of Tebo’s work and I always wanted to work with them when I am happy now that many films India has been reluctant and is now unaware of their shooting.

It is clear that the film ‘India’ will be the biggest budget of the film “India”, where Parankaya and Disha Pattani will fall for Salman Khan for the first time when the film celebrates the celebration of the festival in the year 2019. Will be

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