Actress Sadia Imam Daughter’s Birthday Pictures Gallery

Actress Sadia Imam Daughter’s Birthday Pictures Gallery (5)

Actress Sadia Imam celebrated her cute Daughter’s first Birthday in Good morning Pakistan. Model and actress Sadia Imam joined Good Morning Pakistan with her husband and newborn baby to celebrate the first birthday of her cute baby.

Sadia Imam is a Pakistani actress, model, and host. She was a high model in past few years. She was a booming lady in our media industry who left acting when her wedding. Now, she created her look as a number of Ramadan Transmission.

She contains a very little cute female offspring. She is seen in varied morning shows currently days. Her baby turned one on twenty-eighth of August, 2015. Sadia Imam Celebrated her daughter’s birthday in good morning Pakistan. Here we’ve got birthday footage of her girl. Sadia imam may be a gifted and tv actress from the Pakistani showbiz industry. Sadia Imam Celebrate Her Daughter Birthday

Sadia and Adnan Haider tied the knot in 2013 with their shut friends and relations. Sadia celebrated it on several morning shows. She gave birth a female offspring within the year 2014. Sadia left the showbiz industry when wedding however later she hosted some shows and conjointly attended several morning shows.

They named their female offspring Meerab. the lovable very little doll celebrated her initial birthday with Naida Yasir on her show good morning Pakistan. Find below the Actress-model Sadia Imam Daughter’s Birthday Pictures Gallery….

Model & Actress Sadia Imam Daughter’s Birthday in Good Morning Pakistan with Naida Yasir

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