Accessories Jewellery Tania Homsi 2012/2013 For Girls

Tania Homsi Jewellery 20122013 Accessories For Girls (2)Tania Homsi is a luxury accessories designer. Items designed by the dream, the belief that creativity is aimed. Tania Homsi Lebanon, Zahle was born. She encouraged my creativity with graphic and interior designs.Tania Homsi and a double major in seeing that his mother spent her childhood, found himself accessories design, where the real creative part turned out to be … Really Tania Homsi.Freshly, Tania Homsi special for women and their deeply 2012-2013 has launched jewelry collection.

The entire collection blinking his eyes to stop them so fashionably forgot that is designed for women. Secret recipe mixed with piles of gold chains offered is a collection of Swarovski Elements, with all the creativity of a slight breez fused. After a contact with sensetivity intermingled. Funky necklace in this collection, princess bracelet, Funky rings, earrings, princess crown, gold plated metal parts and contains Swarovski Elements stones.